Valentines came early

I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, but for some reason I listed out some goals for 2012. This includes, but is not limited to more craft projects, new recipes and more!  So I decided to keep track of what I do this year so this blog is more so for myself.

First project of the year, Renee and I decided to make Valentine cards for our friends! I found directions to make these sun catchers made out of wax paper and crayons but I never have my blinds open so we decided to make cards out of them.

Supplies needed:
1. Wax paper
2. Crayons
3. Iron
4. Shapener
5. Stuff to make cards (paper and I used jewelry wire)
6. A needle to poke holes in the hearts to string

1. Use your sharpener to sharpen/make crayon shavings
2. Scatter on wax paper (I just sharpened directly on the wax paper)
3. Fold wax paper in half
4. Fold the other 3 sides about 1 cm so wax doesn’t seep out
5. And iron on low heat

So we found we liked blocking the colors like this

Rather than mixing it in like this… Because we were using thin layers of wax and it kept melting to one big color instead of swirls of colors like we wanted to.


And then the paper ends up looking like this…

Cut into hearts and make cards! Yay! I liked using the wire for beading because I could cut them with scissors.


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