Roasted pork loin with pear stuffing and a raspberry chipotle sauce

After taking my Mile Marker today (I HOPE I PASSED), I dropped by HEB to get inspired. I saw the pork loin and was like HMMM I have never roasted a pork loin before! I also remember I bought an Asian pear the other day and thought that would be good with pork so I decided to throw that in with stuffing. Since I am just a college student with little money and a billion of things to do this weekend, I cheated and bought Stove Top stuffing but added onions and the pear. I also used raspberry preserves rather than fresh or frozen raspberries because I thought that would take too long. Overall, delicious and pretty successful I say. I wasn’t even hungry so this will be my dinner tonight. Also a side note, this made a LOT of left over stuffing so I guess that will be my side dish next week too!

1 Pork loin
Fresh rosemary and parsley

Dry Rub
1 tea garlic powder
1 tea onion powder
½ tea oregano
¼ tea nutmeg
1 and ½ tea light brown sugar
1 tea salt
½ tea ground black pepper

1 box of store stuffing
½ red onion – caramelized
1 pear – chopped

Raspberry Chipotle Sauce
½ Cup of raspberry preserves
2 tbsp of chipotle hot sauce
1 tbsp worcestershire

1. Add oil to pan and add thinly sliced onion. Cook until caramelized.
2. At the same time, prepare boxed stuffing (or ya know, make some fresh stuffing)
3. Once onions are done, add the onions as well as the pear to cooked stuffing.
4. Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
5. Spiral that pork loin open so it can lay flat – this video was pretty helpful
6. On the outside, generously sprinkle the dry rub in and work in with fingers
7. Flip over and now add on a layer of fresh rosemary and parsley
8. Depending how big your pork loin is, scoop on stuffing. I used a spatula to flatten it down and it ended up being about 1 cm thick.
9. Using kitchen string, roll up your pork loin. I actually didn’t have string, so I broke up some skewers and skewered it all along the edge where the meat met.
10. With opened edge face down, place pork on a cooking pan sprayed with oil
11. Bake 30 minutes to an hour or until pork reaches 160 degrees. Towards the middle/end I also sprayed it with olive oil so it wouldn’t be so dry.
12. The sauce! Mix the sauce ingredients into a bowl. If you’re not too keen on spice, add the chipotle sauce a little at a time.
13. Pour sauce on top of your roast and bam, done!

I used a really small pork loin (probably 1 lb) so mine only took about 30 minutes to cook, most will take longer – be careful not to under cook the pork!


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