So, in two days I will be taking a mini road trip from Houston, Tx to Shiprock, NM for my first rotation. I’ll be there for 6 weeks with my classmate Lauren and I’m crossing my fingers that we get the same schedule as before- 4 days on, 4 days off, so we get some good site seeing in. HOPEFULLY we get to go hang gliding, hike some canyons and do some fun stuff. But on our car ride there, Lauren found some interesting things that we may stop by. These were some of my favorites.

Davy Crockett’s 2nd Wife’s Grave – The Smallest State Park in Texas
Just so you can say, I’ve been to Texas’ smallest state park…

Regency Suspension Bridge

This areas first Colorado bridge was at Regency, on the Mills-San Saba County line. Built 1903, it served ranchers and farmers for going to market, but fell in 1924, killed a boy, a horse and some cattle. It’s successor was demolished by a 1936 flood. With 9o per cent of the work done by hand by hand labor, the Regency suspension bridge was erected in 1939. It became the pride of the locality, and youths gathered there in 1940’s to picnic, dance, and sing. Bypassed by paved farm roads it now survives as one of the last suspension bridges in Texas.

Madrid, NM

Town was once for sale for $250,000. There were no takers

Lightening Field Art Installation

Cool art installation that you stay at a cabin in overnight – can’t even drive your own car in!


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