DAY ONE – Bubble Boy Exhibit and the Texas State Prison Museum

It hasn’t actually really hit me that I’m done with classes and people’s lives may or may not be at my very own hands soon. I think to myself, have I really learned a lot these past three years? Do I  really know what I’m doing? Will I be able to regurgitate all these guidelines I once had memorized for tests and will I really be able to make a sound, clinical judgement?

It probably hasn’t hit me yet because right now I’m in VACATION! mode! So today ends day one of our road trip and very long day. Starting with orientation bright and early at 8 am and now sitting in my hotel room in lil ole Wichita Falls, Lauren and I have lots of fun plans ahead of us. But anyways, what did we do so far?

First, we decided to visit the fifth ward of Houston and this fancy lil place

The Fifth Ward Jam – Houston, Tx

The Fifth Ward Jam is a public art installation by the Houston artistic team of Dan Havel and Dean Ruck. Pretty cool – Houston has cool stuff too.

Shenandoah, Texas: Boy in the Plastic Bubble Exhibit

Although we thought it would be a bigger exhibit, it was actually just in the Shenadoah welcome center. So everyone knows the story of bubble boy from the movie, so here I actually got to read a little bit more about the real bubble boy, aka David. There, we got to watch a short tear jerker video that his mother made talking about his life. A very somber start to our trip.


The TexasState Prion Museum – Huntsville, Tx

This was actually really, really, really cool. There was lots of interesting stories and neat things from the prison. Take really, really, really cool very loosely because we’re the two girls who are super excited to see THE TINIEST SKY SCRAPER EVER tomorrow.

Hipster prisoner

Its a saw blade! Its ginormous.

Drawn by a schizophrenic inmate who claimed had no artistic ability

Prisonopoly made secretly by an inmate

Chess set made of soap!

Anyways, there wasn’t much stuff after that besides little brown signs that said Historical Marker.

WAIT ….historical marker?? I wonder whats so…. historic?

We read the word cemetery and looked around and couldn’t find it. The grass was pretty long so we both put on our boots to go walk in the grass… Lauren was pretty amused because there were TONS AND TONS of crickets so when you walked they just jumped everywhere. But then we realized the cemetery was nowhere near and saw a train rush by instead.

But Lauren said it the best. Its awesome that somewhere out there, someone felt the need to say – hey, this his history/important – lets make this plaque to honor person/family or what not. Like, how does one become a historical marker? I think its Lauren’s secret goal in life.

So whats next? How bout the world’s smallest skyscraper? Horse back riding into the sunset? Jeeping it at Palo Duro Canyon? Blue Grass Festival? How bout ALL OF THE ABOVE – (side note, I hate type K questions)


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