So, traveling through north Texas isn’t exactly the world’s most exciting trip but you can always find cool things when you look for them. So we ended last night in Wichita Falls which actually no longer has real waterfalls. I mean, they use to have real waterfalls, but since people complained they didn’t have a waterfall they decided to make a fake one. But that’s not the cool part of the city – the coolest thing about this city is that they are home of the world’s smallest sky scraper.

So why is this considered the world’s smallest sky scraper?  In 1919, this dude was paid to design a 40 story building. He drew up plans/prints, got them approved, and they were sent to a construction company. Well, I guess the construction company actually read the blue prints because they happen to notice the decimal point that showed it was a 4.0 story building rather than 40.  Also, the design were in inches rather than feet so the stories are actually a lot smaller than most stories. The city tried to sue, but alas, it did not work since it was clearly stated in the design. Instead, people followed the con artist around to make sure his other plans would not succeed. The city tried to tear the building down, but some lady made her rich husband buy the building just because it was so darn cute. Also, according to the sign on the door, they have guided tours Mon – Sat 10:30 till 5:30 for those interested.

As Lauren puts it, Con artist unknowingly becomes an artist. Awesome.

So while driving along, our handy dandy smart phones told us we were about to pass a ghost town named Sunshine Hill. We Googled mapped it and it said it was on an unknown road so of course we had to go find it. So we were just driving happily along, found ourselves pretty much out in the middle of nowhere with fields and fields of oil rigs. As we arrived to our destination (according to Google maps) there was nothing there. So fail.

We kept driving but couldn’t find it so we decided to chug along to Electra, Tx (population – just over 3000)  to go visit their Electric Plant tour (not exactly sure what Lauren intended..) but when we got there we found it was stripped down. But never give up! So we went to the Chamber of Commerce and soon got a private tour of their run down theater that they were trying to renovate.

We got to hear how the city grew, history of the building, and how they were trying to renovate it. We even got to hear how the neighboring town got built and how people had oil rigs in their backyard because someone forgot to buy the mineral rights of the town.  Maybe I’m a nerd, but I kinda loved it. I love hearing history straight from the source, how she went to the theater and who owned it and who everyone was scared of. We got to walk on stage of the theater and see the work in progress even though it was closed. Moral of the story? Talking to strangers is awesome.

More of the theater

Next was to take a detour to the Devil’s Rope Museum which is off of historic Route 66 (Google it if you don’t know what it is!).

It was actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be! This place is probably only entertaining for those who think everything is cool.

And finally we arrive in Amarillo, Tx.  Just know there’s this rich, eccentric millionaire named Stanley Marsh who paid to have AWESOME art installations and signs through out the city.

Like these Cadillacs in the ground that you can spray paint. Then they wipe them clean (replace the hoods, spray them white idk) every once in awhile so everyone gets to play on it.

Cadillac Ranch

Or you know, these giant legs. (that we had to jump over the gate for…)

And finally, we made it over to Palo Duro Canyon which claims to be the second largest canyon in Texas. We had some guided horse rides that lasted about an hour and a half ($40) and it was pretty neat. I’ll decide how much I like it after we go on our jeep tour tomorrow. Also just realized I don’t have anything to upload my pictures from my dSLR but maybe that’s a good thing…

And then our night ended with home made food at our friend/classmate’s Jessica’s house + not having to pay for a hotel. SWEET! TY Jessica and southern hospitality.

Speaking of hotels, if you plan on doing a road trip this summer, use the hotels from because with every two night stay, you get a $50 gift card for gas or shopping!


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