FIRST WEEK DONE! Back to vacation! mode!

So my first week of rotation has been awesome. My preceptor is great, the site is great, I’m learning things and I can answer questions! I got to witness some intense stuff in the OR yesterday and answered a drug ID question to make a recommendation to a doctor. WE MADE A RECOMMENDATION!! WE KNOW THINGS.

The best bonus is the schedule – since we work 12 hour days (which go by surprisingly fast) we get four days off this week which means VAACATTIONNN! AND INTERNET!!

So the first thing we did was drive from Shiprock, NM to Durango, CO. I got pulled over for speeding but only got a warning (phew, that would’ve been my third speeding ticket this year…) to hop onto the STEAM ENGINE TRAIN that goes through the mountains to a little mining town Silverton.

You know those scenes in the movies where the train cuts through the mountain and its beautiful and like green everywhere yet snow on top of the mountain? Yeah, it was exactly like that.

Like it went right to the edge and it was so pretty.

Which led us to a small, quaint town called Silverton. Tbh, I can’t tell if some of these are original buildings or is it just some big cute tourist trap.

The one cool thing about this town is the history and if you read about it, you can see like what part of the town was designated for the “whores” and what line they couldn’t cross. Even the cemetery is separated and the prostitutes have their own section – we wanted to go to this but the walk was too far.

Then we ate at Silverton Brewery and ate the worse yet most delicious lunch ever. My stomach hated me that day. Poutine fries with a twist (green chili added), beer battered onion rings, a bowl of green chili and a bowl of red chili.

And we each had a port which was delicious.

We only had two hours in Silverton before the train took us back so we just walked around and enjoy the weather – since the town is nestled between two mountains, the view is amazing. One side the mountain is all green, the other has a snow cap, it was just like the movies and my brain couldn’t process.

Overall – it was a cute train ride and town but I’m not sure if it was $90 fun. It does last the whole day (we left at 9:15, didn’t get back till almost 6:30) though you have the option of taking the bus back if you want to get back faster. But its also because we were pretty much driving through the mountains in NM to get to Shiprock and I felt like that view was just breathtaking and this didn’t amount to it. Although, maybe if it was winter and there was snow, it would’ve been cooler.

Then it would look like this

And I could pretend I was on the Hogwarts Express in the wintertime going to Hogsmeade to get some butter beer…

BUT speaking of HP, the highlight of my work week was when I answered a question right and the pharmacist nearby (not my preceptor) yelled out, TEN POINT FOR GRYFFINDOR. I felt smart.

Anyways, we spent the rest of the evening just going to different breweries in Durango since we both love beer (TY LAUREN FOR BEING COOL). NEXT on the agenda – SAND SLEDDING IN THE GREAT SAND DUNES.


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