This part of the United States is underrated

I am loving my rotation/vacation. Just this whole day, both Lauren and I had this huge smirk/smile on our faces. Not only is our site awesome but our vacation is equally as awesome.

So Durango is SO CUTE. And so hip.

So we ate crepes at Michel’s Corner who is literally a French man who had to “close down” his shop for 15 minutes to go grab fresh basil and then proceeded to let us smell his wonderful basil.

Lemee tell ya, that pulled pork and goat cheese crepe was bomb.

The town is full of bikers, cute houses, and cute thrift stores.

Srsly, this ad.

And the view from the town is so nice.

They also have this nice trail that runs along the river, I think the Animas River/Trail and its such a nice walk and lots of bikers. I think we might come back to Durango for a day trip and some rafting or tubing. And then we went to a bakery called Bread and bought some bread. And off to the road again.

As we were driving from Durango to Alamosa, we seriously had the hugest smile on our faces. While everyone else is on rotation, we were driving through this.

and this

and then we stopped at the side of the road to hike a little bit on this trail – supposedly the longest trail in the US

and I couldn’t believe my eyes – snow in May

ohmyygooshhh all you suckers out there on rotation, ya missed out for not applying to this one

I mean, no matter what, the view is incredible

We even stopped by a Wildlife Refuge and had a snack and watched some birds. No pics until Lauren uploads them though.

Anyways, we just spent most of our day loitering, exclaiming at the beautiful sites, and driving. Though we did end up watching Dark Shadows at the DRIVE IN THEATER.

NBD, just a drive in theater and some mountains.

And as we waited for our movie to start, Lauren and I had a romantic moment while watching the sunset.

Life is beautiful.



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