Finishing Colorado

So life without the internet can be a little rough but it just shows how dependent our lives are on technology (says the girl tethering her phone at a hostel so I can finally update this).

Anyways, I just finished a 5 day work week of 56 hours so we though we deserved to go on a trip! Although I am currently in Utah, I will finish last week’s trip in Colorado. Also, I apologize that all  you get so far is Instagram pictures. I left my cable for my dSLR at home and I’ll post those + Lauren’s pictures later…

Anyways, to end our Colorado trip last week, we headed to the Great Sand Dunes National park where we went SAND SLEDDING!!!!

Omg, climbing those dunes are so tiring but so fun. Tip, lean back so the sled doesn’t dig into the ground and stop. Because an object in motion will stay in motion unless acted upon by an outer force… so when the sled stops and you don’t you will eat it and roll down which I did a couple of times. Note – if you scream on the way down you will get a mouthful of sand.

NEXT – down the road was Zapata Falls. The ride up is only about three miles but it took FOREVER since its so rocky. The hike up there is less than a mile and when you climb up, you really can’t see the actual waterfall unless you walk in there and get your feet wet, which we did of course.

Like, you literally had to turn the corner and enter this little valley way and the temperature drops like 20 degrees and the water is freezing.

AND THERE WAS A GLACIER ON TOP still melting. OH man, it was sooo beautiful.

But then we finally had to go back… I love the ever changing scenery in Colorado. Mountains, sand, snow, green everything! I think our peak elevation of the drive was 10,000 feet.

But side note, we tried to go to this beer house thing that we found on roadside america but it was fail. Creepy, couldn’t get in.

OKAY going repelling tomorrow! BYE


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