Moab, UT

MOAB, UT  – I am so in love with you.

If it wasn’t for this rotation, I don’t think I would ever experience this part of the country like this – spending so much time in all these beautiful places. Every time we are driving, its like you can’t help but slow down and soak everything in. Its eyegasms everywhere!

Anyways, we just did a 5 day stretch of work – 56 hours and it was pretty exhausting. I really do love my site – working with IHS is pretty awesome and pharmacists have a lot of responsibilities and respect here. I’ve gotten to do a lot of cool things, be in the OR and just learning a lot in general. An awesome, awesome rotation – I highly recommend it.

But since we worked so hard this week, that means its time to play hard! Which means, roooaaaad trip!

Actually, I lied. First we finally drove up closer to Shiprock since it was on the way.

I’m not too sure about the story – but all I know is that its a big volcanic piece of rock and you cannot climb on it because it is sacred to the Navajo people. Its really beautiful when the sun is setting – I usually stare at it as I walk home from the hospital.

Next was Four Corners. Just so I can say – Hey, I was in four places at once!

But it was pretty annoying to stand around with huge groups of people and thinking how they should get out of the way.

Okay, next was UTAH!

We did a pretty straight shot to Moab after that. Just stopping when we saw a sign for Wilson’s Arch that was on the side of the road – which we climbed to the top of course.

Then Newspaper Rock. Ancient graffiti – because its ancient, its preserved. Lauren wonders if the graffiti under 59 will be considered ancient in a couple hundred years and will be considered art………

A bit outside of Canyonlands

And went by two wineries and walked off with 5 bottles of wine between the two of us. GAWD I would love to own a vineyard with this view.

Spanish Valley Vineyard

Scenic route to Castle Creek Winery

Since we got there and it was pretty warm, we did some easy hikes at Arche’s National Park – a little over 3 miles altogether – yes, we counted. We felt bad for eating pizza for three meals in a row so we counted every bit of it…

Balanced Rock

Turret’s Arch

Window’s Arches – take the primitive path back!

Double Arch – the third largest arch in the park

The walk to Sand Dune Arch was SO nice and peaceful

some small places

Sand Dune Arch

Broken Arch

Arche’s National Park = awesome. Easy hikes for the lazy ones and some longer harder ones if you’re up to it. We’re going to do a longer one this evening at sunset.

Anyways, that’s it for now! We just finished repelling and had a nice lunch but we’re about to get ready for our canoeing trip tomorrow so you get to hear about our 120 foot scale down later.



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