More Moab

Moab is so great – I wish I had more time I would go to Canyonlands and do some more hiking but maybe I’ll make it out here again in the future…

“Hey Lauren! Wanna go repelling??”

-do you even know what repelling is????

So we met at Moab Adventure Center bright and early at 7 am where they bused us to an entrance of the park (sorry don’t know the name of it…) where we went off for our canyoneering adventure which included repelling! It took a little over a mile to get to the repelling and the hike was 3.4 miles altogether one way since they picked us up on the other end. I HIGHLY recommend this place – they’re all very professional and knowledgeable. This is the company that helped with the rigging and set up of 127 Hours and even showed us so cool pictures of them on set. The route they take you is great and it was an awesome experience. Definitely one of the more scarier things I’ve done, I think I was more scared of this than skydiving.

The first repel I believe is 90 feet. You go down, hit a ledge, lean back and keep going.

This is the view from our first repel – I think it was called Ephedra’s Grotto.

Ok I admit, the initial leaning back, walking down a cliff that you can’t see its terrifying. After you get going for awhile, it gets easier but I could NOT relax and consequently did not go as smoothly as others :[

The next jump was 120 feet and right next to a natural land bridge.

Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but halfway through this jump you lose your footing and you’re letting yourself down and dangling and I was NOT expecting and I’m like WTF WHY ARE MY FEET NOT TOUCHING THE ROCK!? I was so utterly confused and scared hahahaha. But once I realized I just let myself down, well. It was. Awesome.

I should be patient and post when I have better pictures, but I upload all my pics from my phone onto Tumblr so its a lot easier.  The internet I have is always slow (when I have it at least…) so its hard to upload…

SUMMARY: Walked off a cliff, it was scary. My hand hurts. It was super cool and I would do it again. DO IT!

PS So much to do in this area, I wish I could stay here longer. More adventures in Utah later.


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