Moab FIN

I am so in love with Moab.

The fresh air, the redness, the rivers, the cute shops, real thrift stores (not “vintage”), the hippies, the mountains in the background – in love. Absolutely, positively in love. Like pictures do it no justice.

So after we finished repelling, it was around noon and blistering hot so we decided to do some indoor activities. We went to this placed called Love Muffin Café and it was SO cute, and well, super hipster. Framed little graphic art on the walls, tofu sandwiches, wannabe banh mi, coffee that taste like coffee and the food we had was super great. We split the Summer Love BLT and it was divine – tons of bacon, perfectly crisp, pesto mayo, loads of avocado- it was perfectly heavenly.

Afterwards we tried to find some thrift stores and FINALLY, a thrift store that’s really a thrift store with $2 shoes and $1.25 jackets – not some dumb over priced vintage shop. At the first place, I got this cool fun (not fugly…) jacket thing and this flowery, probably too hip for me, grandma purse – a total of $3.75. Then at Wabisabi, I got two skinny ties for a friend (you know, when skinny ties were popular and now they’re popular again) for a buck each, and a Fleur-de-lis scarf tie thing.

The print in the background is my jacket thing – still haven’t decided if its fun or fugly yet

But the most important thing I bought was this.

Lauren and I always joke around how the road trip gods are always on our side because we needed a small cooler for our canoe trip and bam, this arrived in our hands for a dollar. TY travel gods. You have saved us money on something we would only use once.

Did some errands, rested etc, ate dinner at a sushi place (while wondering where Utah got fish…) and finally went back to Arch’s National Park to do the quintessential hike to Delicate Arch. Three miles round trip, the hike there was way more tiring than the hike pike. Going up, especially on a huge slick rock with a “gentle” slope can get tiring and get you out of breath. Not too bad though, not classified as easy and considered a moderate hike.

The slickrock you walk up – so tiring

But the walk is beautiful, the place is beautiful in general. And then you arrive to this.

Camera phone, no filters – its just that pretty



There’s a but.

I really hate when there’s too many people around (how dare you enjoy nature at the same time as me!) so it’s a bit loud and for some reason teenage boys were everywhere. Its bound to happen and our trip to the Double Arches were like that. And then there’ s THOSE people who pose a billion times in front of the arch and the whole time you’re just thinking… can you get out of my picture?

But that’s just me being cranky. The next morning we did an 11 mile canoe trip down the Colorado River. Peaceful, beautiful, and $65 for the both of us. Had a packed lunch, drank some beer while we drifted at some parts, and listened to some good music. A good way to end the trip.

The stats of our 2.5 days in Moab – hiked 10+ miles, canoed 11 miles, repelled a total of 210 feet and was just happy the whole time. If we had more time, I would’ve done Canyonlands, some more hiking, jeeping etc but until next time Utah, I will be back.

Next stop, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


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