Canyon de Chelly

So, for this rotation, I work 12 hour shifts and then get 3 to 4 days off in a row, which gives us plenty of time to travel. We got back from the Grand Canyon pretty early in the day and gave us time to rest and the game plan was to spend the next day working on our presentations and grocery shopping (I know, exciting). But then the other students asked if we wanted to go to Canyon de Chelly as a day trip and after much internal debate (ugh another hole in the ground in AZ, is it worth it?) I decided to go while Lauren played wifey and stayed home.

And yes, it was worth it.

Well, tip number one. Google map everything before you leave. GPS on our phones tried to lead us to the middle of the canyon and therefore we took the longest way there, ended up on a dirt road, then realized that computers aren’t smart all the time…

Consequently, we ended up on a windy mountain. At least it was pretty.

And we saw cows cross the road.

And goats.

And more goats.


Tunnel Overlook

Whats so cool about this canyon is all the LEAFY GREEN TREES. Even though North Rim Grand Canyon had trees, they were mostly needle trees. But here its like all nice and green with big walls of rock on the side.

hiking down to White House

Staci from Virginia, me and Tiffany from Iowa – I had to balance my camera on a rock

Then we went to the Spider Rock Overlook

Look at that view

Me and Tiffany from Iowa

The drive back was much quicker since we took the highway back. Came home hungry and Lauren had dinner ready for me – Shrimp Monica. I am lucky.

Two weeks left out here, six days of rotation.


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