Butter and Herb tossed Spaghetti Squash

I feel like I’m getting old when

1. People gave me weird looks when we were talking about asparagus being on sale ($1/lb compared to $4/lb!)
2. The highlight of my week was using my electronic heating pad and snuggling in bed
3. Getting upset because I forgot to buy eggs when I was at the grocery store

Anyways, I’ve REALLY been wanting to make Butternut Squash Soup so I went by the store to pick one up. Keep in mind, I’ve never seen one IRL before and I grew up eating only Vietnamese food so all squashes look the same. Somehow, I come home with a Spaghetti Squash instead so while a little sad, I’ve been wanting to make Spaghetti Squash too so it worked out.

I feel like I’ve been eating tomato sauce a lot lately so I decided not to go that route. I also happened to have tons of fresh herbs around so I decided to throw in some butter and call it a day. The smell of fresh herbs is so wonderful and my apartment smells so bomb right now. I’ve really been rampant on doing these veggie dishes, but they’re so good I haven’t been craving meat.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking, what is spaghetti squash????????

Spaghetti squash looks like a normal squash when raw, but after cooked, it will come apart into strands resembling spaghetti.

Picture courtesy of Cookin Canuck

Though it does NOT taste like noodles, it is another great low carb alternative. When cooked correctly, it should still be slightly crunchy and taste great with sauces or anything else that goes with pasta.

Spaghetti squash is SUPER easy to cook – you just cut it in half and throw it in the oven! If you’re lazy, just pour some sauce on top and you are done. For this recipe, all I did was cut up some fresh herbs and throw it in some butter and bam, complete.



Zucchini, Eggplant and Basil Stuffed Mushrooms

I’ve been doing a lot of vegetarian dishes lately mainly because I’m too lazy to defrost meat and I always eat over the amount of protein I’m suppose to eat. I had leftover tomato sauce from the cauliflower pizza and I knew I wanted to do some type of stuffed portabella mushroom. I didn’t want to do the obvious spinach + cheese stuffed mushroom so I decided to brainstorm what I could put in it. I found an eggplant stuffed mushroom, zucchini stuffed mushroom and I’m like, what the heck, lets combine both! I added a generous amount of fresh basil too because I love love love fresh basil.

I originally was going to use a regular portabella mushroom but decided to portion control it and use baby bellas. I love portabellas because they have this meaty taste which is why its used as a meat alternative all the time. You can easily use button mushrooms if you want to do this as an appetizer but I do love my baby bellas.

This makes for a great entree or appetizer.


Cauliflower Crust Pizza Recipe (Doughless Pizza Recipe)

I think the reason I’ve been so motivated to cook, read, run, bake etc is the fact that I know I am about to start my hospital rotation so from Mon-Fri I will have a 9 to 5 schedule and probably won’t get home until almost 6. I am growing up and I am terrified. But anyways, yesterday I decided to try out this pizza where the crust is made out of cauliflower. Although it does not taste like dough, nor could I get it as crispy as I wanted to, it still tasted pretty bomb. Aka, I would definitely make this again and my roommate LOVED it (yay)! You can’t even tell you’re eating cauliflower!

I decided to make it low fat as possible, so its just topped with sliced olives, mushrooms, fresh roma tomatoes, red onion, and toasted fennel seeds. If you can, get some fennel seeds – its what gives sausage that certain taste and the aroma is heavenly and makes all the difference. I also made my sauce using a can of tomato sauce and diced tomatoes, but any premade marinara sauce would do too. Recipe adapted from Recipe Girl.


String beans with tomatoes and beef

When most people think of Vietnamese food, they dream of fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce, steaming hot bowls of pho, and delightful, flavorful banh mi. What I always dream of is my mom’s homemade cooking and Vietnamese comfort food. However, most people never get to experience Vietnamese comfort food at restaurants so most people never have tried traditional, every day rice dishes.

A traditional meal in a Vietnamese household consists of one soup dish, one vegetable and/or stir fried dish, and one “kho” dish which is a caramelization process to meat. Or something to that extent at least. Served family style and white Jasmine rice on the side, I was spoiled my whole life with good and vast varieties of food. I haven’t been cooking for very long so I have yet to venture to cooking foods my mom usually makes me. While I was home this past weekend celebrating an early Lunar New Year, I sat down and asked my mom how to make certain dishes. Since she just eyeballs everything she does, this is my attempt of measuring out ingredients.

One thing my mom uses in almost her dishes is what I’m just going to refer to my Mama’s house seasoning. Its pretty much what she thinks is the perfect combination of spices for all dishes. The holy grail of spices. Goes on everything. Makes everything taste better.

Ok recipe now after the jump –